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We are a leading dealership in petrochemicals, fuels and lubricants. Our goodwill and trustworthiness help us to flourish in our business and build a thriving customer base.

The company was founded in 1993 under the leadership of Ramandeep Singh Takkar. With his expertise in mechanical engineering and MBA, the company began with turnover of 50 lakh rupees. Over the last 28 years, the company successfully has a 26% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and currently, a turnover of 35,000 lakh rupees.

We have been involved in multiple product lines for petroleum industry. In 1998, we started petrochemical marketing for Reliance. In 2000, we added lubricants sales and marketing for HPCL, as C&F authorised dealership. We have been the Top 2 highest sales dealership in the North India Zone and successfully growing sales by 10%+ YoY for lubes such as Hydraulic oil, gear oil, Grease, Thermic oil.

In 2004, we started marketing for Reliance Diesel with monthly sales of 1,400 KL. We have been a top performer. With C9, Diesel, Px slop oil; we increased our customer base for applications of heating furnaces, bakery, steel. CRC and paint industries. In 2008, we increased our partnership with Reliance through Reliance Trans Connect franchisee.

In 2010, we added PVC resin as product line from DCM Shriram Vinyl group. With our growing customer base and synergy, we have a strong success. Within three years, we added 6,500 lakh rupees to the turnover from PVC. It further allowed us to unlock a customer base in construction, health care, electronic automobile application related industries.

The company success continued and we expanded our product line to Reliance LPG in 2013 having monthly sales of 50 ton. In 2016, Hindustan Colas products of bitumen and JCB used by construction and agriculture related industries, having monthly sales of 260 ton.

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The forward-looking vision and leadership of Ramandeep Takkar’s, the company has grown and continue to grow in sales, customer base and as well as in resources. The customer management is led by Ramandeep ji. The financial department is led by Harshita Takkar, MBA. The sales operations is led by Abhijit Takkar, MSc.Strategic marketing, MSc.Management, Civil Engineer. The company employs over 50 resources to fuel its ambition to grow.

With the synergy across our products, growing sales, strong customer base and ambitious team, we would like to extend our partnership and expand our company product line with Reliance.


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