Nu Matic

Special Features

NU-MATIC is a line of first quality rock drill lubricants formulated for the lubrication of pneumatic tools.


Application areas:

These oils are recommended for lubrication of pneumatic equipment such as rock drills, jack hammers, stoppers, drifters, chippers, wagon drills, tempers & pavement breakers etc. They are also used in small in-plant pneumatic tools like grinders, filing tools, drills, tapers, impact wrenches, rivetters, hoists etc.

Performance benefits:

  • Most effective extreme pressure characteristics
  • Good adhesive characteristic
  • Emulsifying agent prevents the condensed moisture from wetting the metal surfaces
  • Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties
  • Good demulsibility property
  • Excellent flow characteristics to ensure proper feeds and dispersion through oilers

Special Features

They have pronounced extreme-pressure and rust-preventive properties. They contain a tackiness agent to give good adhesive characteristics and an emulsifying agent that helps in forming highly stable emulsions in the presence of water. They are formulated to provide effective protection to metal surfaces against acidic corrosion.

Physico-chemical properties

46 100 220
Viscosity, Kinematic, At 40°C, cSt 46 100 220
Flash Point, COC °C, Min 162 192 216
Pour Point 0 0 0
Copper Strip Corrosion,Max. @ 100°C For 3 Hrs 1 1 1