HP Metwire NB



  • HP METWIRE NB Penetrates to the core, providing inner strand preservation and lubricity
  • Lubricates and protects every strand from corrosion
  • Adheres to surface forming an outer film to protect against corrosive conditions. Won’t attack rubber, neoprene sheave liners or bull rings
  • Extends rope life, reduces friction
  • Reduces down time.


Product can be applied by swabbing, drip lubrication, continuous bath, high pressure auto lubrication. Suitable for lubrication of wire ropes in cranes, draglines, overhead trolleys, pulley mechanisms, lifts.

Special Features

HP METWIRE NB is produced from the highest quality petroleum fractions and is a non-bituminous base wire rope lubricant. In addition to having excellent lubricating properties, they contain selected additives to obtain sufficient chemical resistance; water displacing properties; excellent rust prevention, oxidation stability and penetration. The high polarity of both products enables them to creep and “wet” the metal surface forming an adhesive and protective film.