Enklo Frdu 46



Special Features

ENKLO FRDU grades are fire resistant hydraulic fluids based on organic ester. These fluids meet the HF-DU classification system as per European Mines Safety Commision. These fluids can replace phosphate esters in high temperature applications and are recommended as control governor fluids for steam and gas turbine. They do not have any seal compatibility issues which are inherent in phosphate ester fluids. The same seals used with mineral oils can be used with ENKLO FRDU 46.
These fluids not only provide improved safety as compared to mineral oil but offer superior lubricity and antiwear properties as compared to invert emulsion (FRIE) fluids and also mineral oil based hydraulic fluids. While changing over from invert emulsion to FRDU based fluids care must be taken that there is no residual fluid or moisture present in the system. If necessary the line may be flushed with mineral oil to ensure that no traces of invert emulsion fluid remains in the system.