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The HP ENKLO 68 oil is manufacture from a high viscosity index, chemically stable base stock then, fortified with antioxidants, anticorrosion, antiwear, and antifoam additives. High-pressure systems, as well as those with high pump speeds, can be accommodate with these pumps. Petromart, a Hydraulic ENKLO Oil Suppliers in India is known for supplying an extensive array of premium quality Enklo 68 Hydraulic Oil.

Hydraulic ENKLO Oil Suppliers in India

We provide products in a variety of sizes, designs, and thicknesses, however, which can be customize according to the needs of our valued clients. So, Utilizing advanced machinery and equipment, these products are made according to international quality standards. 

The HPCL Enklo 46 Premium has the following features:

A deep hydro-finished base stock and selected additives combine to make ENKLO 46 PREMIUM then, compressor performance is optimize by the additives. However, Additives enhance the oil’s antioxidant, rust-resistance, and wear-resistance properties and, this oil demulsifier naturally, has a low foaming tendency, and releases air quickly. ENKLO 46 Premium, designed for improved reliability of Screw compressors.

So, it Increases rotor and bearing lubrication, reducing heat generation and lowering operating temperatures

  • Improved wear protection results in a longer maintenance-free equipment lifespan
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • Hydrolytic stability is excellent
  • Keeps internal surfaces clean
  • Corrosion resistance is good
  • A good demulsifier
  • The tendency to foam is low
  • Excellent compatibility with seals
  • In screw compressors, the drain interval should be double that of conventional IS:10522 grade hydraulic oils

Typical Physical Characteristics Of Enklo 46 Premium

APPEARANCE Bright & Clear
FLASH POINT (COC), °C, Min. 220

In India, Enklo 46 Premium is manufactured by HPCL

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HPCL’s Enklo 46 Premium, advanced hydraulic and compressor oil

We can also ship Enklo 46 Premium to all these states of India Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, etc.

About us

At Petromart, Our products are made up of good quality and we are the leading Hydraulic Oils Distributor and WAYLUBE Machineway Oils Dealers In India. Its high viscosity index makes it ideal for circulating systems. These oils are further enhanced with antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, wear inhibitors, and anti-foam additives. Designed in accordance with 75: 10522-1983, these bearings are suitable for hydraulic systems, enclosed gearboxes, chain drives, compressors, vacuum pumps, and machine tools.

Gear Oil Supplier and Manufacturer in India – Petromart

Gear Oil supplier: Gear Oil is use to lubricate differentials, transmissions, and transfer cases in automobiles, trucks, and machinery. Gear oil is a type of oil with high viscosity and is mainly compose of the chemical compound organosulfur. It is sometimes call gearbox oil since industrial gearboxes are expect to operate in tough weather conditions of pressure, water, dirt, etc. without adequate lubrication with oil to protect the gears.

Gear Oil Supplier and Manufacturer in India | API Grade of Gear Oil

Gear oil is a type of lubricant design specifically for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in vehicles, trucks, and other machines. It is available from Petro mart. If not done properly or if oil is not changed on a timely basis, your equipment will suffer from downtime and will need to undergo frequent oiling if the gears become detritus. However, gear oil supplier and manufacturer in India, The Petro mart offers a wide range of gear oils and lubricants that are specifically designed for use on machinery and parts like gears and gearboxes.

Information About Gear Oil And Gearbox Oil

Among the most common additives are sulfurized hydrocarbons and dithiocarbamates. EP (Extreme Pressure) Additives containing sulfur or phosphorus can be corrosive to yellow metals (copper, brass, etc.) which are use in synchronizers and brushings which use GL-01 gear oil without EP Additives. Automotive gear oil is grade SAE and industrial gear oil is grade ISO. In addition, multigrade gear oils are becoming more popular because gear oil do not reach the same temperature as motor oil, but it is heat closely as when the car is drive due to sheer friction. Synthetic gear oils are even better than mineral oils because they can handle shear friction in vehicles better.

Categories of API Grade:

  • The underlying property or the base properties of a gear oil are measure by the GL rating by API (American Petroleum Institute). The gear oil is rate from GL-1 to GL-6, and the API MT-1 grade has a GL rating.
  • The oil rating category GL-1 is inactive or outdated because it can’t withstand extreme heat, pressure, or friction due to the lack of additives.
  • As they lack additives, GL-2 oils cannot withstand extreme heat, pressure, or friction because they are inactive or outdated.
  • Oils GL-3 are inactive or outdated because they cannot endure extreme heat, pressure, or friction due to the lack of additives.
  • There is a large number of additives in GL-4, making it a good oil for handling a lot of pressure, load, and friction.
  • The GL-5 category of oil is capable of handling extreme loads, pressures, and friction, thus protecting even hypoid gears. There are several additives in GL-4 grade gear oil.
  • GL-6: This is an inactive category of gear oil at the moment. GL-6 was assigne to gears with a very high pinion offset and such gear designs generally require oil grades above 
  • GL-5 because the grade score provided must be greater than GL-5, and that is where GL-6 comes in.
  • Heavy-duty trucks and buses are two examples of devices/machines that use this type of gear oil. In gear oil with GL ratings of GL-4 and GL-5, the MT-1 category protects from component wear, thermal degradation, and seal deterioration. That is why this category of oil is important.

What makes the gear oils provided by the company different is the quality of oil in an accurate proportion, which means matching the viscosity and other properties per the rating label.


With products like Gear Oil suppliers and manufacturers in Petro mart, we strive to provide our clients with the best, most competitively priced products and services. Our company is the best Gear Oil supplier and manufacturer in Petro mart.In engine oil distribution, we have more than five years of experience. Mineral-based oils, synthetic-based oils, bio-engine oils, and diesel engine protection with our latest motor oil products are all available from us.

Petro mart is committed to offering the best Gear Oil supplier at the most affordable prices. Petromart provides excellent products and reliable service to ensure customer satisfaction. As a company, we provide our customers with the best ingredients, the latest technology, and a responsible approach to product development.