Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – Types, Benefits and Uses

Polyvinyl chloride is the third most used material in the whole world and has extensive applications. This thermoplastic polymer is used in the construction industry. Certain properties that make it versatile in usage and extensive in applications include its lightweight, low cost of production, easy processing, durability etc.

Types of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – Benefits and Uses

Types of PVC:

There are two forms of Polyvinyl chloride, Plasticized and unplasticized. These forms are different from each other with respect to their plasticity, hence their names. The raw nature of PVC is rigid which is enhance by additives call plasticisers.

Rigid PVC:

It is also called uPVC or unplasticized PVC which is free of a group of additives called phthalates. uPVC is often used in plumbing, siding, and building materials.

Flexible PVC:

It is also called plasticized PVC and contains additives such as diisononyl phthalate that make it flexible. It is used wherever a sterile environment is necessary, electrical wiring that requires insulation, flooring of schools etc.


Certain properties make it a suitable material and widely used polymer in industrial applications. Some of these advantages are listed below:


Because of its chemical nature, it is resistant to corrosion and weathering, unlike other metals. Hence it has become a new and ideal choice for outdoor products made to run for long life.

Resistance to chemicals:

PVC is resistant to many chemicals and alkalis which makes it a suitable choice for its applications in multiple fields.


PVC has great insulation properties which again makes it an excellent choice over other materials.

Low cost:

The extensive use of PVC also comes with the fact that; it is a very cost-friendly material which is the basic requirement of any industry to make good profits. Its constant demand in the healthcare industry is one of the examples of its increased usage.

So, the versatility of PVC is well explained by its wide applications that include medical devices, medical packaging units, flooring, water pipes, seat covers, stationaries, wall coverings, and data cables.

Many healthcare products also take use of PVC because of its cost and performance. Products such as blood bags, catheters and cannulae, blood transfusion sets, IV sets, surgical gloves etc. make good use of PVC. It is also used in the construction materials of sports venues i.e., roofing, flooring, and seating of sports venues.

Types Of Lubricants and Their Uses | Feature and Benifits | Petromart

In the industry, lubricating machinery is frequently a task assigned to new hires because it is believed to be a task for apprentices or less experienced workers. Even though applying lubrication is a reasonably simple process, having a solid grasp of the various types of lubricants is essential. Doing this will be impossible to ever use the incorrect type for the wrong application. This will unavoidably stop machine failure and downtime.

Types Of Lubricants and Their Uses

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Oil, grease, penetrating lubricants, and dry lubricants are the four different categories of lubricants. There are two Types Of Lubricants you’ll encounter most frequently daily are oil and grease, but your facility will still use dry and penetrating lubricants. Knowing when to do something is crucial.

Understanding when to use these various lubricants is crucial. 


One of the most prevalent lubricants in plants is oil. There are various “weights” or viscosities available for this thin liquid; the lower the weight number, the thinner the oil. Sometimes, additives can be add to the oil to stop corrosion and oxidation.

Uses of Oil:

  • On how to maintain tools, sharpen blades, and hinges
  • You desire to lubricate something without experiencing the typical resistance associated with using grease.
  • To lubricate something without disassembling everything, you wick oil into a small area.


The ingredients for making grease are oil, a thickener (typically a lithium-based soap), and occasionally additional lubricants like PTFE (Teflon). Its manufacturing process gives it the same lubricating qualities as oil. However, because of its texture and stickiness, it adheres to surfaces more effectively. The thinnest and thickest greases are similar in consistency to ketchup and a block of cheddar cheese, respectively.

When to Use Grease:

  • about gears, bearings, chains, and links
  • The lubricant must adhere to the surface for an extended period.
  • You desire to keep dust or water droplets out.
  • Because you don’t use the machine very often, you might forget to oil it.

Penetrating Lubricant

When you have rusted jack bolts or parts with years of rust or debris on them, you should grab penetrating lubricant. Penetrating lubricant is only used for penetrating minute cracks, adding lubrication, and dissolving rust; it is not a long-lasting lubricant.

Penetrating lubricant Uses:

  • Removing seized nuts or bolts. This will liberate them, regardless of whether they are covered in debris or years of rust.
  • Gum removal (it happens), tasks involving adhesive stickers, and warehouse maintenance.

Dry Lubricant:

When you can’t use oil or grease because it will attract dust and dirt, dry lubricant is a great substitute. Dry lubricant typically comes in the form of a spray that will eventually evaporate, leaving behind a thin film of lubricant to reduce friction.

When to Use Dry Lubricant:

  • At hinges, locks, and threaded rods
  • tiny components that cannot be greased up or surrounding surfaces that must be kept clean


Petromart is a top supplier of lubricants, fuels, and petrochemicals. Our reputation for reliability and goodwill enables us to grow our clientele and succeed in business. We have been involved in several petroleum industry product lines. We began Reliance’s petrochemical marketing in 1998. As a C&F-authorised dealership, we expanded lubricants sales and marketing for HPCL in 2000. We have consistently ranked among the top two sales dealerships. We have effectively increased sales of lubricants like hydraulic oil, gear oil, grease, and thermo oil by 10%+ YoY, making us one of the top two biggest sales dealerships in the North India Zone.

What is Hydraulic Enklo oil – Petromart

Using deep hydro finished stock as a base, Hydraulic Enklo oil is blended with special additives. Optimal compressor performance is achieve with the additives. By adding additives, the oil is made more resistant to oxidation, has better anti-rust characteristics, and is more wear-resistant. There is a natural demulsifying property to the oil, it has a low foaming tendency, and it releases air quickly. In addition to its high viscosity index, Hydraulic Enklo oil contains anticorrosion, antiwear, and antifoam additives.

What is Hydraulic Enklo oil | features of Hydraulic Enklo oil

Using these pumps, you can accommodate high-pressure systems and high pump speeds. The Hydraulic Enklo Oil Supplier, Petromart are known for their high quality Hydraulic Oil. They supply premium quality  ENKLO oil. Reduces heat generation and reduces operating temperatures by increasing rotor and bearing lubrication.

What are the features of Hydraulic Enklo oil? 

  • A viscosity that meets the requirements of the hydraulic pump and the designed system.
  • Under operating conditions, high viscosity index helps prevent viscosity changes.
  • Pumps, valves, cylinders, pistons, etc., will wear less due to good film strength and antiwear properties.
  • In order to settle entrain water, maximum demulsion should be apply.
  • Rust and corrosion of metal parts are prevent by excellent corrosion resistance.
  • For prompt and efficient performance, foam resistance is essential.
  • Ensures long and trouble-free service life with high chemical stability.

Physico-chemical properties

  • The appearance
  • Index of viscosity
  • Corrosion of copper strips
  •  Passes the loading stage
  • The flashpoint:-  is the point at which the temperature of the lubricating oil is the lowest, which causes a small flame to flash when it crosses the oil. This occurs as light particles in oil volatilize.
  • The pour point:- of lubricating oil is determine by its lowest temperature. It is the lubricating ability of oil at low temperatures that determines its pour point. 
  • The viscidity:- of an oil measures how much friction it has inside or is resistant to flow. Hydraulic Enklo oil contains this property as one of their most essential features.

What are the applications of Hydraulic Enklo oil? 

Applied in hydraulic systems, enclosed gearboxes, chain drives, compressors, vacuum pumps, mining machinery, machine tools, and oil circulation systems. There is extensive recirculation of oil and it is used for extend periods of time. It is ideal for sophisticated electrohydraulic and numerical control systems with high performance. It is also recommend for certain governor systems as a control fluid. Fluids that are zinc-free are recommend for surfaces coat with silver/cadmium. The zinc-based hydraulic oil can create surface stains on aluminium processing equipment when used in hydraulic systems. For applications in which strict environmental concerns prohibit the use of zinc and other metal-containing products, it is recommend.

What are the performance benefits 

  • viscosity index:-It can be use at a wide range of temperatures due to its high viscosity index.
  • Good hydrolytic stability- allows the water to settle quickly after being entrain.
  • Contains antirust properties – prevents rusting of lubricated parts in moist environments.
  • Wear-resistant –  under heavy load  it prevents wear between moving parts.
  • The ability to resist thermal degradation.
  • Contains no zinc or ash.

Why choose Petromart?

As a leading hydraulic oil supplier in India, Petromart Hydraulic Oil Suppliers offer the lowest prices to buy Enklo oil in all over India. Our company has developed several product lines for the petroleum industry. Our products are available in multiple sizes, designs, and thicknesses. We are able to customize our products to meet the needs of our valued clients. In accordance with international quality standards, we produce our products using advanced machinery and equipment. Enklo oil  can also be shipped to all Indian states. We are able to flourish in our business and build a thriving customer base due to our goodwill and trustworthiness.


This blog contains information about Hydraulic Enklo oil , its Properties, Uses of Enklo oil, and the Best Hydraulic Enklo oil suppliers in India. We offer customers an extensive range of premium quality Enklo 68 hydraulic oils that are both economical and reliable. As a top company in the Petrochemical industry, Petromart is among the best in India. The products we offer at Petro Mart are made up of good quality materials. Among the top hydraulic oil distributors in India, we offer a wide range of hydraulic oils. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about Hydraulic ENKLO Oil.

Best Lubricant wholesale Distributors – Petromart

Sometimes lubricant/lube is used to refer to lubricating oil. The purpose of these oils is to reduce heat, friction, and wear between mechanical components. It is commonly known as transmission fluid and motor oil in motorized vehicles. Best Lubricant wholesale Distributors provides two most common types oils Mineral and synthetic lubricating. Lubricating oils are produced by refining crude oils derived from naturally occurring sources. Synthetic lubricating oils are Synthetic oils. 

Best Lubricant wholesale Distributors | What is lubricating oil

Due to the low cost of extraction, mineral lubricating oils are most commonly use. It is also possible to manufacture mineral oils with varying consistency, making them suitable for various uses. It is possible to blend lubricating oils of different densities. Some oils are helpful because of their ability to integrate. Lubricating oils derived from petroleum are most commonly use in automotive and industrial applications. This crude oil fraction is distinguish from others by its high boiling point. Petromart is the leading Best lubricant wholesale distributors.

What are the properties of lubricants?

Lubricants have the following properties:-

  1. The viscidity:- of an oil measures how much friction it has inside or is resistant to flow. Lubricating oils contain this property as one of their most essential features.
  2. The flashpoint:- is the point at which the temperature of the lubricating oil is the lowest, which causes a small flame to flash when it crosses the oil. This occurs as light particles in oil volatilize.
  3. Fire point:- It is called the fire point when the oil burns continuously at its lowest temperature. It is also necessary for lubricating oils to have a high fire point so that they do not burn when in service.
  4. Cloud point:- It is possible for oil to appear cloudy at certain temperatures due to the solidification of the oil. At what temperature this occurs is call the cloud point.
  5. The pour point:- of lubricating oil is determine by its lowest temperature. It is the lubricating ability of oil at low temperatures that determines its pour point. 
  6. Oil:- A characteristic of oil is its oiliness. When the oil has oiliness, it is said to be oil. The property makes the lubricant adhere better to the walls of the cylinder because it makes the lubricant adhere better.
  7. Content of Sulphur:- It is a well-known fact that lubricating oils contain significant amounts of sulfur. Sulfur promotes corrosion. The corrosion test determines sulfur content.
  8.  Colorfulness:- It is more important to measure the uniformity of lubricating oils by their color than to determine their properties.
  9. Emulsion:-A lubricating oil loses its lubricating properties when mixed with water. A number that indicates how likely an oil is to emulsify with water is the emulsification number.
  10. Tenacity:-this property allows the oil particles to stick to metal surfaces, lubricating the oil in the process.

What are the uses of lubricating oil?

In India, lubricating oils can be used for multiple purposes. You should keep these uses in mind before purchasing any. 

  • Friction Control:-

A good quality lubricant and lube oil reduce industrial equipment wear and improve overall performance. This is for tools and machinery used by a variety of industries.

  • It lowers the temperature:-

By keeping engines cool, lubricant oil boosts the production and performance of businesses and industries.

  • Metal Surfaces Are Protect From Corrosion:

 Metal surfaces are protect from corrosion and roughness by lubricating oils. It improves the performance of machines and gives them a new lease on life.

  •  Protection from wear:-

The purpose of lubricant oils is to keep moving parts in a machine apart. These additives prevent wear and fatigue since they contain anti-wear or intense pressure additives.

  • Separate the Moving Parts of a Machinery:-

A machine’s moving parts can be separate with the help of lubricant oils. The advantage of these is that they reduce machine friction and surface fatigue.

Why choose Petromart?

We are a leading dealership in the petrochemical, fuel, and lubricant industry. Several product lines have been develope by us for the petroleum industry. In 1998, we started selling petrochemicals to Reliance. As a C&F authorized dealership, we began selling and marketing lubricants for HPCL in 2000. According to your needs, we offer a variety of sizes, designs, and thicknesses. Customizations are available for our products according to the needs of our clients. These products follow international quality standards thanks to advanced machinery and equipment. 


This blog contains information about lubricating oil, Properties of Lubricants, Uses of lubricating oil, and the best lubricant wholesale distributors in India. Petromart is one of the top Petrochemicals companies in India. The company’s new ambition is to expand horizons, surpass old limitations, and embrace new-age dynamism. Among North India’s two highest-selling dealerships, we hold the No. 2 position. To know more about lubricating oil, contact us.

SPINTEK Spindle Oil Exporters in India – Petromart

HPCL Spintek 10 Special Features | Facts about Spintek 10: High-speed spindles should be lubricate with SPINTEK grades of oils, which are premium quality lubricating oils. Based on highly refined base oils, so they have excellent chemical and oxidation stability. In addition, they are infuse with selecte components that prevent oxidation and rust. Rust inhibitors prevent corrosion and rusting even when moisture is present. then with a special antiwear additive, oiliness is improved and friction between rubbing surfaces is reduced to an absolute minimum. We are the premium SPINTEK Spindle Oil Exporters in India. 

SPINTEK Spindle Oil Exporters in India | Spintek 10 applications

However, textile and machine tools, spindle bearings, timing gears, centrifugal separators, positive displacement blowers, and hydraulic systems of certain high precision machines can be lubricate with these oils.

Spintek 10 benefits in terms of performance

  • Oil film strength is good
  • Demonstrated good demulsibility
  • Chemical stability is high
  • Fluid friction is reduce
  • Corrosion and rust resistance

Spintek 10 Physical Characteristics

Flash Point, COC, ºC Min.168150168176182
Pour Point, ºC, Max.(-)6(-)6(-)6(-)3(-)3
Viscosity, Kinematic, cSt @ 40ºC, Avg.1110121522
Viscosity Index, Min.8585858585

Please contact sales@Petro mart.com or call/WhatsApp – if you wish to purchase HPCL Spintek 10, India.

Oils for industrial use

So, among other industries, Petromart Lubricants, caters to textiles, steel, power, sugar, sugar, and off-highway vehicles. In order to meet the needs of specific industries and maximize performance, we go the extra mile. Every Petromart lubricant in its wide range of products is develope in close collaboration with these industries in order to achieve this level of optimization.

Petromart Lubricants offers a wide variety of Industrial Oils for a variety of industries. So, petromart Lubricants currently holds the largest market share for Industrial Oil in India thanks to a number of inherent strengths. However, we continue to grow in this segment by bringing newer and advanced products to the market in response to the market’s needs, as we are trusted by all our customers for our consistent quality, prompt delivery, and technical services backup, and the lubricants provided by Petromart are used in hydraulic systems, enclosed gearboxes, compressors, pumps, pneumatic tools, and general machine applications, among others.

India: Spintek 10, HPCL

Spintek 10 is available at the best price in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Thane in Maharashtra, and throughout India.

Spintek Oils Spintek 10, HPCL in India

We export SPINTEK Spindle Oil to all these states of India Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, etc. Our dealership specializes in lubricants, fuels, and petrochemicals. We are able to build a strong customer base based on our goodwill and trustworthiness.