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The HP ENKLO 68 oil is manufacture from a high viscosity index, chemically stable base stock then, fortified with antioxidants, anticorrosion, antiwear, and antifoam additives. High-pressure systems, as well as those with high pump speeds, can be accommodate with these pumps. Petromart, a Hydraulic ENKLO Oil Suppliers in India is known for supplying an extensive array of premium quality Enklo 68 Hydraulic Oil.

Hydraulic ENKLO Oil Suppliers in India

We provide products in a variety of sizes, designs, and thicknesses, however, which can be customize according to the needs of our valued clients. So, Utilizing advanced machinery and equipment, these products are made according to international quality standards. 

The HPCL Enklo 46 Premium has the following features:

A deep hydro-finished base stock and selected additives combine to make ENKLO 46 PREMIUM then, compressor performance is optimize by the additives. However, Additives enhance the oil’s antioxidant, rust-resistance, and wear-resistance properties and, this oil demulsifier naturally, has a low foaming tendency, and releases air quickly. ENKLO 46 Premium, designed for improved reliability of Screw compressors.

So, it Increases rotor and bearing lubrication, reducing heat generation and lowering operating temperatures

  • Improved wear protection results in a longer maintenance-free equipment lifespan
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • Hydrolytic stability is excellent
  • Keeps internal surfaces clean
  • Corrosion resistance is good
  • A good demulsifier
  • The tendency to foam is low
  • Excellent compatibility with seals
  • In screw compressors, the drain interval should be double that of conventional IS:10522 grade hydraulic oils

Typical Physical Characteristics Of Enklo 46 Premium

APPEARANCE Bright & Clear
FLASH POINT (COC), °C, Min. 220

In India, Enklo 46 Premium is manufactured by HPCL

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HPCL’s Enklo 46 Premium, advanced hydraulic and compressor oil

We can also ship Enklo 46 Premium to all these states of India Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, etc.

About us

At Petromart, Our products are made up of good quality and we are the leading Hydraulic Oils Distributor and WAYLUBE Machineway Oils Dealers In India. Its high viscosity index makes it ideal for circulating systems. These oils are further enhanced with antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, wear inhibitors, and anti-foam additives. Designed in accordance with 75: 10522-1983, these bearings are suitable for hydraulic systems, enclosed gearboxes, chain drives, compressors, vacuum pumps, and machine tools.

WAYLUBE Machineway Oils Dealers in India – Petromart

HPCL Waylube N 68: Special features – WAYLUBE grades are formulate to provide special frictional characteristics that eliminate stick-slip motion, which is common in parts of slow moving machines. Furthermore, they are equipped with mild extreme pressure and rust prevention properties. However, connect Petromart the leading WAYLUBE Machineway Oils Dealers in India.

WAYLUBE Machineway Oils Dealers in India

It is a hydraulic and machine tollway lubricant that has sufficient lubricity to eliminate chatter and stick-slip under moderate load conditions while serving as a hydraulic media in noncritical systems.

Areas of application of Waylube N 68

The WAYLUBE 68 and 220 are recommended for lubricating slideways in planers, grinders, horizontal boring machines, shapers, and jig borers, as well as for lubricating gears using an oil can. The WAYLUBE 68 is recommended for lubricating hydraulic and guide systems on machine tools. They pass the Petromart thermal stability test P 47.

Typical Physical Characteristics Of Waylube N 68

32 68 220 N68
Viscosity, CST @ 40°C 29-33 62-68 200-220 62-68
Viscosity Index, Min 90 90 90 90
Flash Point, COC, °C, Min 165 170 198 190
Pour Point, °C, Max -3 -3 -3 -3

To purchase HPCL Waylube N 68 from Mumbai, India, please email sales@lPetromart.com or call/WhatsApp +

HPCL manufactures Waylube N68 in India

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In India, Waylube N68 is manufactured by HPCL for machine tools

We can also ship Waylube N68 to all these states of India Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal.

Areas of application:

The WAYLUBE 68 and 220 are recommended for lubricating slideways in planers, grinders, horizontal boring machines, shapers, and jig borers, as well as for lubricating gears using an oil can. So, for machine tools with hydraulic and way lubrication systems, WAYLUBE 68 is recommended. Test P 47 of the Petromart lab verifies their thermal stability.

The special features of this product

However, WAYLUBE grades are formulated to provide special frictional characteristics that eliminate stick-slip motion, which is common in parts of slow-moving machines. Additionally, they are treated to prevent rust and mild extreme pressure.

A combined hydraulic and machine tollway lubricant, it is capable of eliminating stick-slip and chatter under moderate load conditions, while functioning as a hydraulic medium in noncritical systems.

Petromart WAYLUBE Machineway Oils Dealers in India bring the highest quality automotive lubricants to the Indian market, directly from the manufacturers. Manufacturers pack the products before they are shipped, and our wide range of OEM products includes products from Mercedes, Toyota, Lexus, Renault and, Nissan, Jaguar, Harley Davidson, and many others. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality automotive products at competitive prices.


Petromart is a company that offers a wide range of automotive products under the trademark name, Petromart. The product range includes standard and specialty lubricants, transformer oil, operating fluids, auto care products, etc. With distributors in 92 countries located on 5 continents, Petromart is a successful brand known for its immense expertise in the automotive industry.

Top Industrial lubricant Suppliers in India – Petromart

A lubricant is a material use to prevent relative motion between two surfaces. The lubricant reduces friction and wears between the surfaces. Apart from these fundamental functions, the lubricant might serve other purposes. Also, you can take services from top industrial lubricant suppliers in India

Top Industrial lubricant suppliers in India | Types of Industrial Lubricant

Lubricants come in various forms, including liquids, semisolids, dry and gas lubricants, and so on. Oils and gases are the most prevalent lubricants. Mechanical systems must balance a lubricant’s primary function of decreasing friction and wear and its auxiliary functions. Top industrial lubricant suppliers Manufacturers have specific guidelines that must be follow to get optimum performance.

What is industrial lubricant?

A lubricant is a substance that is apply to the surfaces of moving bodies to control (or, more typically, to reduce) friction and wear. A lubricant can take the shape of a liquid (oil, water), a solid (Graphite, graphene, molybdenum disulfide), a gas (air), or even a semisolid (grease). Base on the base oil, liquid lubricants can be class as synthetic/semi-synthetic, mineral, or ecologically friendly (biodegradable) oils. The majority of lubricants have additives (5-30%) to improve their performance.

Nature’s surfaces are all rough, at least in microscopical terms (or even at the atomic level). When two rough surfaces glide (or roll) against each other, the asperities of the surfaces close in on each other, interlocking, adhering, and generating friction. Any lubrication strategy aims to provide a lubricant layer between the rubbing surfaces that precludes (or at least reduces) direct contact between the bodies.

What are the types of industrial lubricants?

Lubricants come in various forms, with liquid, solid, and grease lubricants being the most popular.

  • Lubricants in liquid form

The majority of these are made from synthetic and petroleum-based fluids. Petroleum-based oils are cost-effective due to the abundance of petroleum. Synthetic oils are more expensive, but the benefits of better performance outweigh the cost in some cases. The viscosity of liquid lubricants is the most crucial property. The velocity gradient between moving and stationary fluid components is characterised as viscosity.

Examples of liquid lubricants are animal, petroleum, and vegetable oils. Synthetic lubricants etc.

Solid Lubricants

Dry film lubricants are another name for solid lubricants. Some options are natural Graphite, synthetic Graphite, or molybdenum disulfide combined with binders or applied on sliding surfaces. Solid lubricants are used in areas where liquid lubricants are impracticable due to pressure or temperature extremes. In high-vacuum settings, for example, molybdenum disulfide is the chosen material. On the other hand, Graphite would require water vapour to operate as a lubricant under the same conditions.

Examples of solid lubricants are Graphite, molybdenum sulphide, and boron nitride.

  • Grease 

A liquid lubricant and a thickener are combined in industrial grease. This thickener is usually soap with additions that help with other properties like tackiness and corrosion resistance. The grease usually liquefies as the temperature drops below 200°F (500°F). However, this number could be significantly higher depending on the thickening agent. Grease thickened with lime or calcium soaps, for example, has a lower dropping point, whereas grease thickened with clay liquefies at higher temperatures.

Lubricant wholesale Distributors

You can take the services of top industrial lubricant suppliers in India. With a cumulative consumption of around 2.4 billion liters, India is the world’s third-largest lubricant market, behind only the United States and China ahead of Japan, Russia, and Brazil. TheTop industrial lubricant suppliers in industries are Castrol India Ltd, Savita oil Technologies Ltd, gulf oil lubricants India Ltd, and Panama petrochem Ltd, Petromart. These are a few top industrial lubricating companies in India that have provided the resources for many years and are trustable with excellent quality assurance.