Parthan M Series


Detail Description

PARTHAN M 220 is a premium quality industrial lubricants designed for the oil-fog or mist-lubrication of machine components such as slideways, bearings, gears, chains etc. These mist lubricants are formulated with base stocks carefully selected for low-temperature properties and a proprietary additive package for exceptional stray mist control and oxidation stability. The outstanding oxidation stability resists deposit formation under high-temperature operating conditions, which helps reduce wear rates and extend equipment life. Their low pour points reduce the risk of wax plugging at the reclassifier, which could otherwise cause premature equipment failure, particularly in dry sump applications. The formulation is carefully balanced to ensure that the additives do not severely reduce the oil-to-air ratio in the oil-mist system, which might prevent adequate lubrication of the machine elements. The products are fortified with anti-wear and EP agents that provide highly effective protection, especially for heavily loaded systems.

PARTHAN M oils are available in five viscosity grades from ISO VG 100 to 460.


PARTHAN M oils are designed for use in all oil mist lubrication systems. Such systems work by dispersing very small droplets of oil in smoothly flowing air, distributing the oil mist to the points of application and mechanically condensing the mist, causing the oil to impinge on and wet the surfaces to be lubricated. The higher viscosity grades may require thermal misting devices to form proper dispersions when ambient temperatures are moderate or low.

Features and Benefits

HPCL PARTHAN M oils have ability to handle a variety of tough gear applications. They are manufactured from a blend of high quality naphthenic & paraffinic mineral stocks and a specially chosen additive system. Oils offer the following benefits:

  • Low stray-mist characteristics to ensure low oil consumption and reduced product costs
  • Outstanding oxidation stability for long product life in tough high air exposure conditions, with reduced product replacement costs
  • Very good EP and anti-wear performance for gear and bearing protection and lower maintenance and replacement costs
  • Low pour points for very good low temperature start-up and reduced risk of wax plugging at the reclassifier and premature equipment failure
  • Good rust performance for protection of equipment



  • Anti friction roller bearings in steel plants
  •  Industrial gearing such as cooling tower gearboxes
  •  Slow-speed, heavily-loaded bearings
  •  Machine tools, ways and screws
  •  Process pumps, electric motors and blowers
  •  Specially designed Steam turbine bearings

Product is available in ISO VG 100 and ISO VG 460